New platform “Ingredients by Imbibe” addresses flavor, taste, sweetness and textural challenges

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05 Apr 2021 — Imbibe has launched Ingredients by Imbibe, a new platform that offers the company’s high-performing ingredients to external R&D teams. Imbibe’s ingredient portfolio includes The Senses, a suite of taste solutions that address common product attribute complaints through flavor modulation, masking and mouthfeel optimization, and Pre/Sense Stevia.

Imbibe designs ingredients to solve development challenges encountered while working on consumer products for global clients.

As a result, these ingredient solutions are tested in beverage products in nearly every category and format. Imbibe ingredients support taste optimization, improved sensory perception and a rounded-out sweetness profile.

Previously, access to these ingredients was limited to Imbibe-developed products.

Better-for-you products
Imbibe’s client partners, however, were quick to identify the utility of these ingredients outside Imbibe-developed product lines, often applying them in their own development.

Further, Imbibe’s client partners have often used these ingredients outside of beverage applications, in nutrition bars, frozen novelties, confections and more.

Offering access to this subset of Imbibe’s ingredient toolbox is an opportunity to expand Imbibe’s business model while supporting great brands and R&D teams who develop on their own.

“Our primary focus is on creating a great product for our client partners, so our R&D team handles thousands of ingredients every year to find the best ingredient solutions. Often, existing solutions don’t perform to our expectations, so we develop our own. Ingredients by Imbibe is a product of this work,” says chief commercial officer Andy Dratt.

“Unlike some food products, there’s not much you can hide behind in a beverage, and we couldn’t find taste and sweetener solutions that fulfilled all of our needs. We addressed these challenges by creating our own ingredients that we have been incorporating into products for years. They have been key to successfully overcoming a wide range of formulation challenges.”

Taste optimizers  
Another benefit of Imbibe ingredients is that they are label-friendly. Pre/Sense Stevia is listed as “Stevia Leaf Extract” on an ingredient statement, and The Senses are listed as “Natural Flavor(s).” There are also versions of The Senses that are kosher certified, Halal and organic compliant.

Demos were created with complex formulations in mind to showcase these ingredients’ multi-functionality and will be available for tasting as part of the rollout of this new channel.

Edited by Gaynor Selby on Food Ingredients First