Imbibe Cites Healthier Lifestyles for Kombucha Growth

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kombucha press 3 22Given their popularity and history, it can be hard to think of a time when tea and coffee were not among the top beverage choices for American consumers.

Once international novelties, these beverages have become staples for many consumers. Yet, for emerging categories like kombucha, the journey of becoming a mainstream beverage market like tea or coffee has gone through peaks and valleys, but the rising influence of health and wellness might be the push that kombucha needs to prevail.

“The most highly ranked lifestyle change overall among consumers was to eat healthier in 2022,” says Erin Costello, communications and events associate at Imbibe, Niles, Ill., citing Nextbite insights. “While the appeal in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has grown in recent years, a focus on immunity and gut health has excited interest in kombucha. Touted by Eastern culture for its long list of health benefits, kombucha is packed with a rich supply of probiotics, enzymes, and multiple B vitamins.”

These attributes have aided the global kombucha market, which is expected to reach $7.05 billion by 2027, Costello says, citing Grandview Research. For the time period of 2021-2027, it is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 19.7%, she adds.

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