Consumers Turn to Beverages to Boost Mind & Body

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In 2020, the world as we knew it was turned upside down. Coronavirus changed the way consumers shop, socialize, entertain and more which is why it will be the biggest driver of food and beverage trends in 2021.

The spotlight will be on products that promote health and wellness, escapism and value.

Health and wellness will be focused on maintaining a healthy body and mind. In addition to staying physically fit, eating a better diet and taking measures to improve emotional health, feeling safe will be a top priority for consumers.

Consumers will also be more cost-conscious because of economic uncertainty, which will drive demand for value. Although, there will still be space for premium products that provide exciting experiences to fill the void of other forms of entertainment that consumers are missing because of the pandemic like travel and eating at restaurants.

These trends will not be mutually exclusive, and many products in 2021 trends will address multiple consumer needs.

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