Campbell Soup Company CMO: ‘We continue to see growth trend with V8’

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Sweet potatoes for hydration

According to the company, the new product’s star ingredient, sweet potato juice from concentrate, contains naturally occurring electrolytes and glucose (serving as the body’s fuel source).

We identified sweet potato juice as the ideal natural ingredient to deliver superior hydration. It has the perfect balance of light texture, a subtle sweetness that is crisp and clean, and a fantastic balance of nutrients,” Palmieri said.

Consumers may not be aware of sweet potatoes’ inherent hydration benefits but the health halo the vegetable has garnered in other categories such as better-for-you starch substitute used in snacks and pasta alternatives will add to the drinks appeal, shared Holly McHugh, marketing associate at Imbibe, a Chicago-based beverage development firm.

“Veggies have experienced a resurgence in the beverage industry because of their inherent benefits. Tomato juice used to be the most common veggie-based beverage, but brands have been launching beverages that offer more creative and flavorful ways to consume veggies over the last few years,” McHugh said. “Some of the most common veggies we see in beverages are beets, carrots, and kale, but there’s plenty of opportunity for sweet potatoes because they’re naturally sweet and high in fiber, magnesium, potassium, and B-Vitamins.”

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