How Sweet is Our Future @ South by Southwest: Audio Edition

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What can developers and brands do to adapt to society’s changing perception and behavior around sugar consumption? Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Dratt, gave a presentation at South by Southwest in Austin, TX on the introduction and evolution of sugar throughout our food supply. We may be in the midst of a revolution, especially with the changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel looming, and expect more resolutions to come to the forefront in the ways of natural, non-nutritive sweeteners and flavors with modulating properties.

Interested in learning more about Imbibe’s expertise in sugar reduction? Read about SweetSenseTM, our proprietary technology that has been specifically designed to optimize sweetness perception in beverages. Labeled as Natural Flavor, some of the benefits of SweetSenseTM include:

  • moderates the off-notes and linger typical when using natural, non-nutritive sweeteners
  • stable through thermal processing
  • ideal for clean label and reduced calorie formulations

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