Flavor Wheel – Mango

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Mango’s vibrant and fruity essence has graced an array of products, as seen in 2023 releases including Electrolit Mango Electrolyte Beverage, Beatbox Juicy Mango RTD cocktail, Yishi Mango & Cream Oatmeal, and Breyers Mango Ice Cream. Despite being likened to a blend of pineapple, peach, and citrus, Mango — like each of these fruits — possesses a unique flavor profile with distinct characteristics all its own. So, what is the secret to Mango’s one-of-a-kind flavor?

To unravel this mystery and explore a spectrum of authentic fruit flavors, our sensory team took to the lab to investigate. Through meticulous analysis, we crafted a robust Flavor Lexicon, providing a shared language to fine-tune flavor profiles for our customers’ products swiftly. We’re excited to share this knowledge, fostering efficient collaboration with our customers, and providing the potential to achieve desired results faster.

As seasoned product developers, we have in-depth knowledge of the nuanced taste mosaic that characterizes flavor. With our expertise, we can precisely calibrate and craft the desired flavor profile for your next standout product. What specific qualities do you wish to showcase in your Mango-flavored experience?

Introducing the Mango Flavor Wheel! Our sensory specialists have identified a whopping 13 tastes that constitute mango flavor. Download below!

For full Mango immersion:

  • Download the Mango Flavor Wheel to understand how we describe Mango and as a resource for your future flavor requests or product collaborations.
  • Email marketing@imbibeinc.com for samples from our Mango flavor library to perfect your flavor profile.
  • Challenge yourself to identify these qualities the next time you bite into a mango or taste a Mango-flavored product.
  • Watch for more flavor wheels as our team unveils other popular flavor descriptors.

Until next time, Man-go enjoy!