Natural, clean-label trends drive upswing in botanicals

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As more consumers take a back-to-nature approach to their health and nutrition, recognizable, plant-based botanical ingredients like green tea, guarana, turmeric, acai, vanilla and ginger are adding functionality, healthy hydration, natural caffeine and clean-label appeal to a variety of beverages.

The clean- and clear-label movement and consumers’ desire to improve their overall health and well-being are driving more interest in plant-based ingredients like botanicals, experts note. Other trends impacting the use of botanicals within beverages include raw, fresh, natural, organic and non-GMO.

“Consumers today are demanding to know more about what’s in the foods and drinks [that] they consume, where they’re from and the purpose they serve,” says Julio R. Lopez Cintron, global business manager for functional extracts at Chicago-based Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM). “With that, a growing number of food and beverage companies are looking to botanicals as a great way to boost the nutritional benefits of products naturally while also delivering on a timely consumer trend.”

The growing healthy hydration trend is promoting the use of botanical ingredients as well, particularly as consumers prioritize fresh, clean and sustainable claims, which are becoming the norm for many categories and brands, adds Juliane Guevel, vice president of herbal raw material sales for Martin Bauer Inc., Secaucus, N.J.

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