Slideshow: Beverage innovation blurring category lines

CHICAGO — Carbonated soft drinks, juice and milk are losing share to smaller, trending beverages, including ready-to-drink coffee, sparkling bottled water and non-dairy milk, according to a new [...]

7 of the hottest trends in Natural Products right now

Veg-Centric  Both restaurants and retailers are highlighting veggies – whether they’re being pickled, fermented, smoked or fried they’re being used from their root to their stem. New beverages [...]

The next frontier for functional foods?

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Though still relatively unfamiliar to consumers, adaptogenic herbs are expected to flourish in food and beverage products. Linked with stress reduction and supported by [...]

Is jackfruit the next hot clean-meat alternative?

If you’re walking through a forest in Southeast Asia, look up. Chances are good that you’ll spot a massive, green-yellow orb covered in spikes. While it looks like a prehistoric wasp’s nest, it’s [...]

5 emerging ingredient trends that will reshape the beverage industry in 2016

Natural ingredients. Soda’s decline. The rise of energy drinks, dairy alternatives, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee—manufacturers are already aware of major movements sweeping through the [...]

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