#SXSW Recap: Bonus Trendspotting in Austin

Want to experience SXSW in Austin through the Imbibe lens? Click on the image for the full deck! Trends: Not as Sweet Where’s the Meat a.k.a. Dairy Defeat Time to Retreat Some contemporary [...]

Clean-label appeal of beets drive new product development

Beets frequently appear in sports nutrition products because they’re naturally high in nitrates, which oxygenates the blood and promotes muscle recovery, says Ilana Orlofsky, marketing manager at [...]

Product Inspiration: Lemonade Edition

Developing non-soda beverage options remains a high priority for brand owners, since CSD sales have been on the decline for over a decade. While lemonades may have nutritional profiles similar to [...]

Beverage trends will focus on health in 2016

This past year was all about clean labels and free from claims in the food and beverage industry. 2016 will be all about drinking for health. Consumers will be focused on transparency, the brand [...]