Experts predict post-pandemic flavor trends

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When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, many may have sung “Auld Lang Syne” a bit more emphatically than in years past. The yearning to put 2020 behind and return to some form of normalcy is widely felt. That aspiration has many food and beverage product developers cautiously approaching flavor innovation in the year ahead, because consumers have been finding comfort in classic and nostalgic flavors during the pandemic….

Spirit flavors also are gaining traction, especially with consumers who may have imbibed too much in 2020. They still want the flavors, but without the alcohol.

“As the sober curious are looking to ‘beer-less’ beers and ‘alcohol-less’ spirits, traditionally indulgent and child-friendly categories, such as ice creams and candies are being taken over by spirit flavors,” Ms. Perumbala said. “We are seeing an increased number of launches of non-alcoholic beverages that carry spirit flavors and are positioned to be as enticing as their alcoholic counterparts.”

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