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With Summer 2021 officially upon us and restrictions lifting worldwide, we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to join family and friends on rooftops, patios, at picnics and ballgames, with a beverage in hand, of course. In this month’s edition, we’ve curated some recent launches and LTOs that just might make your summer sizzle. As for flavors that consumers associate with summer, an Imbibe-designed poll revealed that the following top the list: watermelon, lemon, strawberry, rosé, coconut, pineapple, and grapefruit.

Not Just Juice (But Mostly Juice)   |   For the Teetotalers and the Tired   |   Hard Varieties 

Not Just Juice (But Mostly Juice)

Tropicana is totally getting on the summer train with the launch of their premium drinks in Caribbean Sunset, Summer Berry Bliss, Pina Colada and Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise. One goal of theirs may to be make travel a little more affordable (or at least conjure a tropical feeling in their customers). We also suspect that the versatility consumers may find in these products by using them as components of mocktails and cocktails, may secure a spot for these products far beyond the summer season.


PepsiCo is getting more overtly into the cocktail mixer game with their Q1 launch of Neon Zebra in mojito, strawberry daiquiri, margarita and whiskey sour. Another veteran juice maker has released two summer SKUS; Sunny D’s LTOs come in Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade and both tout 100% DV of Vitamin C.


Honorable mentions: Koe Kombucha (Watermelon & Tropical), Starbucks Mandarin Espresso DolceJoyba Bubble Tea

For the Teetotalers and the Tired

New pastel and plant-based Coconut Refreshers came out of Dunkin’ last month, so consumers can soak up the sun, stage a snap for Instagram and be replenished with B vitamins present in either a purple pomegranate, golden peach or pink strawberry version.


Celsius brought a sparkling Strawberry Guava flavor to market to energize the growing number of consumers who have an interest in flavors from the Pacific Rim. For a more indulgent strawberry sippable, Starbucks unveiled its Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino in May, giving a nod to all of the state fairs and carnivals we may have missed out on in 2020.

Hard Varieties

There may come a day when there isn’t a brewery launching a hard seltzer seemingly every other week, but that day seems to be far from now. In April, coming out of New Belgium Brewing, we spotted Fruit Smash hard seltzer in perfect for summer flavors: Berry Blast, Tropical Punch and Pink Lemonade.


Aldi launched a Pearsecco under their Wicked Grove line, which bears a short ingredient statement, 5% ABV and is supposed to deliver the experience of both a hard cider and a sparkling wine. Also out of Aldi is a coconut wine that we’ve seen spike on social. This novelty blends white wine with coconut flavor and cream and consumers seem to be mixing it with pineapple chunks and topping it with whipped cream for an even more dynamic experience.


For another texturally satisfying experience, Daily’s launched an explosive frozen cocktail – fireworks – that tastes like summer, or at least is reminiscent of other colorful (non-alcoholic) popsicles of our youth.


Innovation for Summer 2021 may be nearing its end, but we’re hoping this got you thinking about your launches for all seasons of 2022 and beyond. When you’re ready to lean on us for flavor samples, flavor applications work, full-scale development or our stand-alone ingredients, we’re here for it: thedrinktank@imbibeinc.com.

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