2022 Trends Part 3 – Lower Sodium, Lab-crafted Analogs, and Nostalgic Flavors to Make us Feel Safer

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The war on sugar will wage on but riding its coattails will be scrutiny on sodium intake, especially in beverages. The WHO and the FDA released new guidelines in 2021 regarding F&B manufacturers. High sodium consumption has been proven to lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and overall, a negative impact on one’s health. To lower American consumers sodium intake by an average of 400mg per day, manufacturers have a goal date to adapt any commercially processed, packaged, and prepared foods over the next two years.

Concerns for high sodium consumption are affected by age: 45 percent of consumers, 55 and older, want to consume less sodium, while only 34 percent (ages 45-54), 25 percent (ages 3544), and 30 percent (ages 2534) are concerned with the amount of sodium in their diets.* We foresee more consumers demanding products that protect their heart and support their overarching wellness goals.

Molecular Matches
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Food and beverage scientists have only scratched the surface when it comes to unlocking the potential of plant-based products. Global supply shortages and trendy diets are driving a new push toward the necessity of exploring, and improving, and sourcing alternatives of common products and ingredients. By reverse engineering the coffee bean, Atomo has been able to deliver their molecular cold brew.

Just launched in September 2021, they offer 8-ounce cans of their molecular coffee will come in two flavors, that both deliver 84 mg of caffeine. More modern technology like 3D printing, cultured meat, and plant protein has given new offerings the ability to mirror their animal-derived counterparts. “Bleeding” veggie burgers, animal-free egg whites, foods and beverages leaning on cellular agriculture have been creeping into new categories.

Nostalgia/Indulgent Flavors
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Stressors from the pandemic have consumers yearning for comforting classics. Imbibe’s propriety data shows consumers are open to trying indulgent flavors like baklava, oatmeal cookie, and horchata. We expect that flavors such as cotton candy, snow cone, brown sugar, cinnamon, churro, etc. will also make their way into more product lines this year. Research reports that 71% of US consumers enjoy a food and beverage experience that is reminiscent of their childhood as brands bring a new life to classic flavors.* 

*Mintel, 2021. 

If you missed them, check out part one and two of our 2022 trend predictions! Looking to design a product supported by one or more of these trends? Imbibe scientists are at the ready to send flavor or ingredient samples, optimize your base through application work or build your formulation from the ground up. Marketing@imbibeinc.com to get started. 

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