Nutrition Fact Labels Are Changing

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Top 9 Major Changes Included in the Mandate

  1. The FDA has removed calories from fat because research has showed that the type of fat is more important than the quantity.
  2. To ensure accuracy, new record requirements are being enacted for dietary fiber, soluble & insoluble fiber, added sugars, and folic acid.
  3. The “added sugars” section requires special attention as it represents the most pronounced change on labels. Understanding the definition and possible allowances is critical.
  4. Vitamin D and Potassium are replacing the positions of Vitamins A & C as they have been deemed more salient for modern human nutrition. The amounts for this section will be presented like the dietary supplements.
  5. Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) changes for vitamins and minerals may affect nutrient content claims. Current RDIs that were previously able to substantiate claims may no longer be justifiable if the same nutrient content represents a different percentage of newly implemented RDIs.
  6. Total Fat and Dietary amounts have increased. Total Carbohydrate and Sodium categories have decreased.
  7. On the new nutritional labels Calories, Serving Size, and Added Sugars will be displayed clearly.
  8. The change in serving size, which represents truer consumption behavior, will demand single serving containers to display nutrient contents of this more accurate serving size. A 24 fl oz. container may have previously listed three servings, with nutrition information for eight oz., whereas this new regulation would require the nutrition panel to report on a 12 oz. serving size.
  9. Serving size changes for beverages may cause a previously multiple serving sized product to now be deemed single-serve. (This does not apply to milk or fruit and vegetable based drinks). This would require companies to display nutrition information of the entire container rather than the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACCs).

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