Digital Platforms – Like Knowde and mySibi – Help You Get Samples to Your Bench Faster

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Imbibe has been on Instagram for the better part of a decade. Our website traffic saw more than a 300% lift from 2020 to 2021. We’ve tweeted at you, delivered podcasts on food and beverage trends and have taken part in many webinars. Suffice it to say, we’ve leaned into the digital age, and today, we’re pleased to share that we’ve taken it a step further.

Introducing Imbibe’s digital storefront on Knowde, the digital place to be for ingredient suppliers of all kinds (they say they’re the marketplace for ingredients, polymers and chemistry).

It might surprise you that a company whose business was built on custom ingredients (flavors, flavors with modulating properties, maskers, stabilizer blends, etc.) would be inclined to take part in a digital storefront that offers a singular ingredient to a broad audience. We get it. It’s true that most of our ingredients will continue to be customized, designed and perfected for the final formula they’re destined for.

Part of the rationale for launching our ingredients-only service, Ingredients by Imbibe, in April 2021, was that we discovered that some of our ingredients outperformed others in a variety of applications and formats. Our customers have come to rely on The Senses™ to offset the unpleasant tastes commonly associated with many of the popular functional ingredients of today, and to deliver a preferred sweetness and overall flavor profile. Many also appreciate the clean taste of our Pre/Sense™ Stevia.

imbibe presense stevia


Given the growing pressures to reduce/remove sugar from food and beverage, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen increased interest in technology to support lower sugar content. Ingredients like allulose, erythritol, tagatose, brazzein, etc. continue to garner attention, both in and outside of beverages. At Imbibe, we saw an uptick of more than 20% for our non-nutritive sweeteners from 2020 to 2021 and we expect to see at least the same growth in 2022. Since our product developers, taste modulation team and many product developers and food scientists on our customers’ teams have benefited from Pre/Sense™ Stevia, we thought that it would be a disservice not to share this ingredient with other companies looking to deliver great tasting products with the modern nutritional profiles that resonate most with today’s consumers. We are thrilled that Knowde is available to help us spread the word and share the sweetness (without the calories).


Imbibe Knowde Storefront

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