Imbibe for Food Processing Magazine R&D Team of the Year

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If you’re checking out our blog, you probably already know a bit about Imbibe. Here’s a little more on why we’re a competitive contender to win Food Processing Magazine’s R&D Team of the Year for 2019:

Under the expert tutelage of VP of R&D extraordinaire, Joe Farinella, our PD team works side-by-side with our flavor team on technically challenging formulations, enabling our clients to bring great tasting and innovative products to market. The team has really hit their stride in the past year, developing numerous plant-based dairy alternatives, protein waters, and nitrogenated cold brew coffees. Our business requires us to exercise discretion, but Milkadamia was so pleased with the result of their macadamia nut dairy alternative that their employees starred in a case study video that outlined Imbibe’s iterative process, challenges associated with building and flavoring plant-based beverages, and ultimate technical expertise that resulted in several SKUs of each of their product lines.

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