#TrendSpotting – Savory Beverages

Emerging Category: Savory Beverages Veggie-based and animal-based beverages,have started to gain traction, especially in the natural and organic marketplace. Savory beverage flavors include beet, [...]

Introducing SweetSenseTM

Elevate your sense of sweet! SweetSenseTM was designed through Imbibe’s unique approach to ingredient system formulation, leveraging our expertise in both beverage development and [...]

Sugar-reduction efforts pick up steam ahead of update to Nutrition Facts panel

Food and beverage brands of all sizes and across categories are scrambling to reduce sugar in their products before FDA regulations mandating they indicate added and total sugar on the Nutrition [...]

2017: Already a big year for expanding our team! Meet the newest Imbibers

  Eve Muchnik Executive Assistant and Office Manager Favorite Flavor Combo: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Holly McHugh Marketing Associate Food(s) you’d choose if stuck on a desert [...]

Science-backed cognitive ingredients in demand for beverages

Although the ad slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” was developed in 1972 for the United Negro College Fund, it has since become part of the American vernacular. As consumers [...]

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