7 Food and Beverage Trends to Watch in 2017

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Photo Credit: MyTeaDrops

Photo Credit: MyTeaDrops

Sustainability: Companies are prioritizing the development of more sustainable business practices. Some are opting to reduce waste by using compostable packaging, while others are making commitments to greener processes in their offices and manufacturing facilities. Prepare to hear about more brands that find ways to re-purpose previously discarded ingredients in 2017.
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Clean Ingredients: More ingredient statements will include familiar and pronounceable ingredients –and fewer of them. As consumers re-discover the benefits of botanicals, which range from anti-inflammatory properties to soothing upset stomachs, more of these familiar herbs and spices will be incorporated into food and beverages.
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No Sugar Added: The recent FDA mandate requiring brands to call out added sugars on their products’ nutrition

Photo Credit: Tickle Water

Photo Credit: Tickle Water

labels by July 26, 2018 is forcing brand owners to think critically about alternative ways to sweeten their products. Children’s food and beverages will continue to include % less sugar claims, and brands will develop more products that are not so sweet.
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Sugar Substitutes: The dialogue regarding what constitutes added sugars versus naturally-occurring sugar will be a hot topic. Plant waters like maple, cactus and birch may gain more market share because of their inherent sweetness.
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Savory Snack Attack: Consumers will demand portable portions. The global market for savory snacks is expected to grow over $40 billion through 2020, while the demand for sweet snacks and snacks that offer both savory and sweet components remains steady. Product inspiration comes from many sources, from candy bars to charcuterie.
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Photo Credit: Primal Spirit Foods

Photo Credit: Primal Spirit Foods

Plant-Based: Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians continue to push plant-based innovation forward, highlighting the health benefits that many plant-based products offer. Jerky, cheese, burgers, and yogurt are now available in plant-based varieties, and often make a point to call out benefits like healthy fats, protein and fiber.
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Flavor Mash-ups: Expect to see novel nostalgic flavor mashups make their way into classic seasonal flavors.
Products you may have missed in 2016: Dunkin Donuts Candy Cane Crunch, Sonic Pecan Pie Flavor Funnel, Kind Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spice