Meet Our Beverage Experts

Executive Team

Sumner Katz
Chairman & Founder

Andrew Rashkow
CEO & President

Andy Dratt
Chief Commercial Officer

Will Lennon
Chief Operating Officer

Research & Development

Joe Farinella
Vice President of R & D

Kim Folta
Director of Product Development

Justin Kozlowski
Director of Flavor Operations

Kurt Olson
Director of Quality Assurance

Aparna Oak
Director of Flavor Innovation

Holly Bohlke
Flavor Chemist

Ilya Flaks
Flavor Apprentice

Katie Sparks
Flavor Technician

Lauren Senne
Flavor Technician

Vicky Orgler
Flavor Technician

Jenny Potter
Flavor Lab Compounder

Allan Towb
Pilot Plant Supervisor

Ernesto Raygoza
Pilot Plant Technician

John Higgs
Senior Beverage Scientist

Jessica Schroeder
Senior Beverage Scientist

Myla Watkins
Beverage Scientist & Research Chef

Drew Newman
Beverage Scientist

Milton Folk
Beverage Scientist

Steve Brown
Beverage Technologist

Jason Dompeling
Beverage Technologist

Dean Carlson
Beverage Technician

Joe Lazar
Beverage Technician

Chanel Lambert
Beverage Technician

Thomas Novak
Beverage Technician

Elizabeth Sisel
Ingredient Technologist

Guy Affolaby
Manager of Regulatory Affairs

Marissa Gray
Regulatory Specialist

Connie Lam
Regulatory Technician

Danielle De Vera
Regulatory Technician

Kiwana Herron
R&D Sourcing Specialist

John Montejo
Quality Technician

Sales & Marketing

Mark Lazar
Director of Sales

Laura Klibanow
Marketing Director

Amy Bashara
Creative Director

Britt Hillebrand
Business Development Manager

Alex Zyskowski
Business Development Manager

Ilana Orlofsky
Marketing Manager

Holly McHugh
Marketing Associate

Josh Grob
Inside Sales/Project Manager

Liz Watson
Associate Project Manager

Victoria Spady
Graphic Designer

Sula Medovoy
Junior Graphic Designer

Cristiana Christiansen


Lovee Gulati
Senior Director of Operations

David Wood
Director of Finance

Theresa Kennedy
Director of Procurement

Sally Sciborski
Director of Customer Service

Avi Belson
Director of Production

Permsook Bhavilai
Pricing Administrator

Jackie Eichle
Operations Analyst

Robert Nicholas
Shipping & Receiving

Scott Peterson
Supply Chain Planner

Katie Polz
Staff Accountant

David Tirkel
Staff Accountant

Julie Findlay
Strategic Sourcing Manager

Eve Muchnik
Office Manager

Trena Cleary
Receptionist &
Administrative Assistant

Renee Kalis
Office Assistant

John Zahari
Maintenance Engineer

Jack Bartky
Office Assistant