35 Food and Beverage Trends for 2017

We’ve come across several lists of predictions for 2017 trends, so we decided to put together a compilation, curated by Imbibe. We are beverage experts, developing beverage flavors and [...]

Naturally functional beverages are poised for growth

Natural function, an extremely relevant theme in the food and beverage industry, has no clear definition. Perhaps not surprisingly, the FDA also doesn’t define “natural” or “functional food”, but [...]

Beverage Trend Q&A

Prepared Foods talks with Ilana Orlofsky, marketing coordinator for Imbibe, a Niles, Ill., contract new beverage development company. Prepared Foods: What are the top beverage trends, to date? [...]

Beverage trends will focus on health in 2016

This past year was all about clean labels and free from claims in the food and beverage industry. 2016 will be all about drinking for health. Consumers will be focused on transparency, the brand [...]