Permissible indulgence is a sweet spot for consumers

 In Natural Products Insider, Press

Health and wellness are important to consumers, but it can be challenging to say no to indulgences that offer a positive experience even if they don’t support lifestyle goals. Mintel found that 50% of consumers who snack do so to treat themselves, and yet 35% of consumers are replacing treat-worthy indulgent snacks with healthy ones.

It’s a tough balance that can create cognitive dissonance for individuals who look to food and beverage products for an emotionally beneficial treat but also want to improve their physical well-being.

Many brands are helping consumers have their cake and eat it, too (or milkshake, soda, etc.) by incorporating better-for-you ingredients in products that don’t fall in the traditional health foods category. By providing options for permissible indulgence, brands can win over diet-conscious consumers and sell their products at a premium. The proof is in the (BFY) pudding (or liquor, cake etc.).

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