Bubbling Up: The sparkling water category is growing, particularly for functional beverage applications

 In Beverage Industry, Press

As summer approaches and the outdoors presents an opportunity to safely mingle with family and friends (in limited numbers, of course), there is one thing we can expect to find in the cooler besides a frosty brew: a refreshing sparkling water (spiked for adults, alcohol-free for kids and teens). Sparkling water, the artist formerly known as Seltzer, has experienced quite the revival in recent years as more and more products hit the market offering unique flavors and lower calories compared to other soft drinks. What’s driving this surge?

“Marketers deserve a lot of the credit for the sparkling water renaissance,” says Ilana Orlofsky, senior marketing manager for beverage developer Imbibe (Niles, IL). “Seltzer was invented, accidentally, in the mid-1700s, and while some brands maintain the original term, marketers realized that the designation of ‘sparkling’ makes nearly anything feel more sophisticated and premium, even though in this case it’s really just semantics,” she explains. Fast-forward to today, and “many brands have positioned themselves as young, fun, inviting, sexy, and ‘Instagrammable.’ These attributes will remain relevant for years to come and continue to contribute to the growth in this category.”

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