Beverage Innovations Shift to Embrace Everything from Health to Entertainment

 In Prepared Foods, Press

They say, “You are what you eat.” Of course, that also could be applied to what you drink. That’s because when dining out, consumers are looking to beverages to provide certain experiences—whether that’s a better-for-you boost or pure entertainment. Both trends are influencing new beverage innovation.

Here’s to your health! Health and wellness is common thread driving menu innovation, although there’s a constant evolution of what falls under this umbrella term. Consumer beliefs are shaped and shifted by doctor’s warnings, celebrity lifestyle endorsements, easy access to information online, and even conversations on social media. And because these messages change frequently, foodservice operators—and their beverage manufacturer partners—need to be adaptable. 

While there’s no doubt that consumers are focused on their physical health, the modern consumer has a holistic view of wellness that includes emotional and environmental wellbeing. Foodservice operators have a lot of opportunity to appeal to various need states by offering beverages that are healthier, create a unique experience, reduce environmental impact, or incorporate all three for the “holy grail” of menu options.

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