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There's a lot of buzz around the budding cannabis industry. Despite confusing regulations, many brands continue to launch products incorporating ingredients or compounds derived from cannabis. Here are innovations using the three most widespread cannabis ingredients: THC, CBD and hemp.


THC Time

Cannabiniers’s Two Roots Brewing Co. takes a new spin on the beer drinking experience. Their 5 SKUs of non-alcoholic craft beers are enhanced with 5mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Artet is the first RTD aperitif enhanced with THC, according to Forbes. Each batch is a blend of cannabis and eight botanicals which can be used to create sophisticated cocktails. One shot of the alcohol-free aperitif contains 2.5mg of THC.


Heineken-owned brewery Lagunitas launched a line of alcohol-free hop waters enhanced with 5-10mg of THC in California and Colorado. The SKU containing 5mg of THC also contains 5mg of cannabidiol (CBD).


Mirth Provisions all-natural tonics are available in several flavors and marijuana strains. Each beverage contains 20mg of THC. Flavors of the sparkling cannabis elixirs range from pomegranate to espresso mocha.


Kikoko combines botanicals and cannabis in their line of functional ready-to-brew teas. Each SKU contains anywhere between 3-10mg of THC and also has varying amounts of CBD and cannabinol (CBN). Suggested health benefits of these teas range from relaxation to improved mood.

CBD Craze

Restaurants and bars around the country are working around CBD regulations by offering CBD tinctures that customers can incorporate into non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails.


Molsen Coors and AB InBev announced joint business ventures with Canadian cannabis companies. Through their respective partnerships, both major players plan to launch CBD enhanced beverages in Canada this year and are also considering launching THC beverages in the future.


Dram launched a line of sparkling waters enhanced with 20mg of Broad Spectrum CBD and adaptogens. Suggested benefits of Dram include stress relief and improved mood. The beverage is available in four SKUs: Beauty Bubbles, Lemongrass, Gingergrass, and North American Sweetgrass.


Elev8 Hemp offers RTD coffee and tea products enhanced with 10 mg of CBD. The beverages are suggested to improve energy as well as aid with stress relief, anxiety relief, appetite support, energy, and pain management.

Hype About Hemp

Colorado High is the first U.S. launched vodka that is fermented and distilled with hemp. The brand claims that the product has a subtle sweetness and pleasant mouthfeel because of hemp’s natural oils


Mood33 debuted a line of herbal teas infused with 33mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and functional ingredients like adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms at Natural Products Expo East. Some of the suggested benefits include improved joy, energy, and relaxation.


Cuveé launched a nitro cold brew enhanced with 10mg of hemp oil. The brand doesn’t get into details about the suggested benefits, but mentions on their website, “If you believe in the powers of hemp oil, then we don’t have to tell you here. Which is good, because we aren’t allowed. Regulations and all that.”


Hemptails is a malt beverage made with hemp seeds that has 8% alcohol by volume (ABV). The brand promotes the product’s bold hemp aroma and calls out that there is no THC or CBD in the beverage on their website.


Elmhurst recently launched a hemp seed-based creamer. Though it has no THC or CBD, it is inherently rich in Omega-3 ALA. Flavors of the product include original, golden milk, french vanilla, and hazelnut

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