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We tasted our way through Philadelphia on a trend walk. Here are some of the most innovative menu items we found on our journey.

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Fringe Is In

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is a Philadelphia hot spot known for small batch frozen treats. One of their latest innovations is a non-dairy chocolate frozen dessert made with coconut cream and 100mg of CBD oil.


Coffee enhanced with medicinal mushrooms was being sold by Mushroom & Company at a homeopathic counter at Reading Terminal Market. Suggested benefits of their mushroom products include increased energy, stress reduction, heart regulation, and improved skin appearance.


Kari’s Tea Bar at the Bourse Food Hall offered a hot take on traditional shrub. The elderberry hot shrub was a soothing version of a beverage traditionally served in a chilled cocktail or spritzer.

Comfort Food with a Twist

Happily Ever After Dessert Café makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen. The dessert shop has a variety of unique ice cream flavors including a sweet and salty vanilla ice cream mixed with potato chips.


Peanut butter and jelly is a lunchtime classic. Molly Malloy’s makes the comfort food ultra indulgent by adding bacon and marshmallow fluff to the sandwich.


Fox and Son offers a variety of comfort food options including dishes that are vegan and gluten-free. The banana funnel cake is a sweet treat that is vegan friendly.


Little Baby’s sweet potato and burnt marshmallow ice cream triggers nostalgia by inciting memories of seasons changing.


The blue coffee at Kari’s Tea Bar tastes like a traditional cup of Joe, but the addition of butterfly pea flower turns it blue which has made this drink an Instagram staple.


Fox and Son sells fancy corn dogs (their words) like the sweet potato battered corndog topped with cilantro sour cream and chorizo and the chili cheese corn dog topped with queso, all beef chili, and scallion. The additional toppings enhance the visual appeal of the traditional snack.


Happily Ever After Dessert Café is best known for their dragon’s breath liquid nitrogen corn puff snack that gives customers a chance to imitate a fire breathing dragon. There are a plethora of videos on Instagram of people eating the treat and breathing “smoke” out of their nose and mouth from the liquid nitrogen.

Comfort Food with a Twist

Floral flavors were used in products like teas, lattes, ice creams and jams. The Pennsylvania Dutch at Reading Terminal Market offered a strawberry lemon lavender preserve.


Sweet and salty flavors were incorporated into coffee, ice cream, jam, and dishes at various restaurants. Inbru compliments the bitter flavor of coffee with salted toffee.


Spicy flavors like jalapeño, cayenne and red pepper were used in sweet and savory food and beverage. The heat of the Flaming Hot Cheeto ice cream at Happily Ever After Dessert Café was not tamed by the sugar and dairy in the frozen dessert.

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