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Demand for beverages that promote relaxation and reduce stress are rising. What was an emerging trend last year has been accelerated by the pandemic. Brands are incorporating ingredients like adaptogens, CBD and l-theanine to help consumers unwind.

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Relaxing Enhancements

CBD is one of the most popular ingredients for mood-boosting beverages. Sweet Reason Beverage Co. recently launched a product line with 10mg of CBD to aid with stress relief during the day, and another line with 30mg of CBD and adaptogens to promote relaxation and sleep at night.


Gac’s relax SKU is enhanced with kava, a plant native to the western Pacific islands, that is suggested to alleviate stress and anxiety. The product is also enhanced with magnesium and is naturally rich in carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants suggested to reduce the damaging effect of stress to our body.


Heywell’s calm and restore SKU blends l-theanine with adaptogenic herbs schisandra and lemon balm to promote tranquility. The blackberry ginger-flavored beverage is also enhanced with alma berry, a gooseberry that is naturally rich in vitamin C.

Functional Zero-Proof Spirits

Kin Euphoric’s High Rhode is an elixir designed to mimic the flavor experience of drinking alcohol. The spirit alternative is enhanced with the adaptogen rhodiola rosea and nootropics, including GABA, 5-HTP, tyrosine and caffeine.


Curious Cocktails combine fruit juices like pomegranate and blood orange with adaptogens such as ginseng, rhodiola rosea, holy basil and ashwagandha. Other botanicals used in these beverages include ginger, red chili, and jasmine to add sophistication to the flavor profile – a quality that you would expect from a premium cocktail.


Three Spirits, which is based out of the UK, offers a social elixir enhanced with seven mood-enhancing functional ingredients, including cacao, lion’s mane mushroom, damiana, holy basil, coconut vinegar, green tea and caraway seed. The result is a bright and spicy liquor alternative suggested to improve spirits without spirits.


Sip Cozy is a Grenache rosé blend with the alcohol removed. It is also enhanced with 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. The beverage is ideal for wine lovers who want, “a cozy state of mind without the morning hangover.”

Sound Sleep

PepsiCo announced it will launch the functional water brand, driftwell, in December. The blueberry and lavender-flavored sparkling water will be enhanced with 200mg of l-theanine and 10% of the recommended daily value of magnesium to promote relaxation and sleep.


Elements by Lokai adaptogenic beverages were developed with an experienced ethnobotanist and doctor of psychonutrition. The sleep SKU is enhanced with passionflower and ashwagandha. Other SKUs include ingredients like rhodiola root, holy basil, lemon balm and lion’s mane mushroom.


Vejo is a pod-based portable blender that makes everything from smoothies to coffee. The tart cherry sleep pod is enhanced with magnesium, l-theanine and herbatonin (a plant-based source of melatonin). The pod also includes whey protein to promote satiety before bed and marine collagen protein for a beauty boost.

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