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Shipping & Receiving Specialist


Shipping & Receiving experience including: knowledge of shipping with FedEx and UPS. Hazardous Shipping certification (or willing to be certified). Experience shipping Internationally. Being able to call FedEx and UPS and work with customer service to resolve any delivery issues. Will have to learn how to use our OnTime, messenger service, and work with Raven for our freight shipping. Forklift certified. Keep Shipping supplies well stocked. Receive daily shipments on a timely basis including getting them logged in and placed in the appropriate areas.

Warehouse organization experience including being able to move pallets up and down on tall shelves with forklift. Able to work well with Pilot Plant and lab for knowing where to move their items. 



  • Prepare shipments by accurately picking, packing, and labeling products. Ensure compliance with shipping regulations and customer requirements.
  • Receive incoming shipments, verify accuracy against purchase orders, and inspect items for quality. Update inventory records promptly.
  • Safely operate a forklift to move and transport goods within the warehouse, loading and unloading shipments as needed.
  • Monitor inventory levels, conduct regular stock checks, and collaborate with
  • Ensure products are properly packaged and labeled according to regulatory and company guidelines.
  • Maintain meticulous shipping and receiving records, including receipts, invoices, and tracking information.
  • Schedule and coordinate pickup and delivery with shipping carriers, ensuring timely dispatch and arrival.
  • Work closely with production, sales, and customer service teams to fulfill orders and address any shipping-related issues.
  • Implement best practices to streamline shipping and receiving processes, optimizing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Address discrepancies, damages, and delays proactively, finding effective solutions to ensure smooth operations.
  • Prioritize safety by adhering to proper handling and movement protocols for products and equipment.
  • Utilize shipping software, inventory management systems, and other relevant tools to track shipments and manage inventory.



  • High school diploma or equivalent. Forklift certification is required.
  • Previous experience in shipping and receiving, preferably in food or beverage industries.
  • Proficient forklift operation skills and safety awareness.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Effective communication skills for coordination with various departments and external partners.
  • Knowledge of shipping regulations, procedures, and documentation.
  • Familiarity with inventory management software and Microsoft Office.
  • Physical ability to lift, move, and handle packages of varying weights
  • Safety-conscious mindset when handling products and equipment.