Next-gen sports nutrition beverages

The health and wellness movement has propelled consumption of products once geared toward hardcore athletes and bodybuilders into the mainstream. Beverages such as protein shakes and waters, [...]

Toasting Drinks Creativity

On flavors and health ingredients to watch out for… “Local true-to-fruit flavors like lemon, lime and orange will always be popular. But many brands are adding a global twist by [...]

How Sweet is Our Future @ South by Southwest: Audio Edition

What can developers and brands do to adapt to society’s changing perception and behavior around sugar consumption? Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Dratt, gave a presentation at South by [...]

2019 Chewing on the Big Issues of the Food Industry at SXSW 2019

The topic of discussion for the majority of the food sessions will be the future. 2019 food industry hot topics, such as plant-based meat, alternative protein, and AgTech, will all be discussed, [...]

#SXSW Recap: Bonus Trendspotting in Austin

Want to experience SXSW in Austin through the Imbibe lens? Click on the image for the full deck! Trends: Not as Sweet Where’s the Meat a.k.a. Dairy Defeat Time to Retreat Some contemporary [...]

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