Trendspotting Chicago Edition

Campbell Soup Company CMO: ‘We continue to see growth trend with V8’

Sweet potatoes for hydration According to the company, the new product’s star ingredient, sweet potato juice from concentrate, contains naturally occurring electrolytes and glucose (serving [...]

Ready to Go Non-GMO

Clean label is a term we hear a lot in the food and beverage industry. We know it’s a consumer value, however, its definition is a moving target because it’s based on consumer perception and [...]

Immune health beverages growing in demand

Ingredients that support immune health naturally, like citrus fruits, matcha, turmeric and probiotics are on the rise, says Holly McHugh, marketing associate at Niles, Ill.-based Imbibe. [...]

Better-For-You Beverages

Developing beverages for foodservice establishments makes up a large portion of the business at Imbibe, so in some cases, we know what’s coming to market. Imbibe also watches what’s happening in [...]

The Kombucha Boom

Many of us spend our careers trying to predict trends and consumer behavior. With time, experience, and access to historical sales data, many of us are able to hone our skills which help inform [...]

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