Nootropics: The not so new beverage buzzword of 2019

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds, reinforcing that cognitive health – from mood to memory is of paramount concern to consumers [...]

This Trend Has Mushroomed

Functional mushrooms made several trend predictions lists this year (including ours) after showing up in coffee, smoothies, teas, and cocoa. These mushrooms are suggested to be adaptogenic, or [...]

A Look at New Beverages Making a Debut in June 2018

Prepared Foods showcases new beverages including teas, beer, drinkable yogurt, kombucha and more. Packaged Facts eyes beverage trends. Imbibe identifies better-for-you beverage ingredients. [...]

The next frontier for functional foods?

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Though still relatively unfamiliar to consumers, adaptogenic herbs are expected to flourish in food and beverage products. Linked with stress reduction and supported by [...]