Fiber, probiotics see expanding beverage applications

Rising consumer health consciousness in recent years has boosted the demand for functional beverages because of their potential to reduce the risk of health issues and boost overall wellness. In [...]

Fiber, probiotics boost functional beverage category

Many factors can impact a person’s gut health, including genetics, medications and diet. As more consumers increasingly become aware of the effects of what they put into their body, they are [...]

Fiber, probiotics add functional benefits to beverages

The Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights reports that 19 percent of functional drinks launched in 2017 had a digestive/gut health claim. “This is a statistic we expect to grow,” says Ilana [...]

Fiber on the (Fore)Front of Packages

According to recent data from UCSF, Americans are averaging a daily intake of 15g of fiber, though the recommendation is between 25-30 grams. While this nutrient has many benefits, including [...]

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