Botanicals and functional beverages

 In Natural Products Insider, Press

The emergence of fitness technologies, such as tracking devices and at-home workout programs, has given individuals the ability to take a more proactive role in their own health and wellness. Naturally, this has translated to consumption habits as they increasingly take notice of how the food and beverages they consume affect how they feel, both physically and mentally.

This has driven up demand for products that provide functionality, especially beverages, as they are the original delivery vehicles for functional benefits. Although the term “functional beverage” has only been in the lexicon for a few decades (popularized by the energy drink), the products themselves have been around for centuries. Consider coffee and tea, which are consumed today for the same reasons they were consumed centuries ago, mainly due to their energizing and healthful properties.

Today’s functional beverages go even further by incorporating ingredients for added benefits beyond their intrinsic ones. According to Imbibe’s “2020 Trend Predictions” report, functional beverages will be “next generation,” addressing multiple needs to help consumers achieve emotional and physical health goals. Botanicals, in particular, are becoming the go-to functional ingredients, given consumer familiarity and historical use.

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