2021 Flavor trends for food and beverage

 In Press

Among the dramatic changes in consumer behavior the COVID-19 crisis effected last year—toilet-paper hoarding, extreme bread baking—the pandemic made us both want to stay safe at home but also stare longingly out the window remembering the days when we could travel freely. These paradoxical desires showed up in the food and drink flavors consumers sought in 2020, as they embraced both familiar, comforting flavors as well as flavors new and adventurous. As the pandemic crosses over into a new year, we’re likely to see those consumer preferences persist…

Childhood favorites continue to skyrocket, a trend that’s been happening for years. “Consumers are stressed out, and nostalgic flavors and products provide comfort,” explains Holly McHugh, marketing associate for Imbibe (Niles, IL). “I expect flavors reminiscent of childhood favorites like cotton candy, rainbow candy, snow cone, S’mores, and birthday cake to be popular.”

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