Coffee Break with Imbibe

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Imbibe has significant expertise creating a wide range of coffee-based beverages, combining its flavor development capabilities and familiarity with coffee extracts to develop great-tasting coffee beverages. Ranging from retort beverages designed to replicate the nuances of a specific Sumatran variety, to foodservice cappuccinos shipped in powdered form and reconstituted on premises, Imbibe can develop proprietary coffee beverages to meet the specific requirements of individual brand owners.

In addition to custom formulations, Imbibe offers a variety of control branded products, available as-is- or as private label alternatives. Check out some of the coffee-based products we’ve developed over the years!

  • Frio Cappuccino FrioCartons_with bottles
    • A delicious, lightly sweetened blend of coffee and milk, Frio Cappuccino is either a refreshing morning drink or the perfect complement to an afternoon snack. Served in a 9.5 oz. glass bottle, the iced coffees are available in regular, mocha, and vanilla flavors.


  • E2 Coffee Energye2FamilySmalltransparent
    • Imbibe’s line of canned espresso beverages offers the consumer a premium pick-me-up in a variety of select flavors. Coffee, mocha, and vanilla have been carefully balanced with dark roasted coffee, guarana, taurine, and B vitamins to make e2 the cream of the crop among coffee lovers everywhere.