Balancing the Bar with the rise of Teetotalers

There are a myriad of better-for-you alcoholic options presently available at happy hours. A few examples: spiked seltzer, low-cal, perfectly portioned wine or spirit based cocktails, hard [...]

The tastes forecast to trend in 2019

Flavors associated with health, nature, adventure and nostalgia are slated to trend in 2019. The flavors identified by developers and marketers capture trending tastes, but also the mood of the [...]

Forecast 2019: Nine Ways to Be Trendy in 2019

NATIONAL REPORT — No outlook on the coming year can be complete without a rundown of the consumer trends that are expected to have the greatest impact on food and beverage retailing in 2019. [...]

Local companies finding niche with better-for-you beverages

Packaging of a product plays a role in the success of a beverage, “but taste is king,” said Holly McHugh, a marketing expert at Imbibe, a beverage development company in the Chicago [...]