How to Make Your Mark in the Growing Health and Wellness Category

The explosion of the better-for-you food movement means that today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. How can health and wellness food and beverage manufacturers stand out in an [...]

Webinar: Beverage Trend Spotlight: Coffee & Tea

Webinar: Beverage Trend Spotlight Coffee & Tea from Imbibe on Vimeo. Marketing Manager Ilana Orlofsky will present on key trends influencing the coffee and tea categories, and strategies for [...]

Products as Flavorful as They Are Functional

Consumer Preferences From mass market grocery stores to convenience stores and local mom-and-pop shops, functional food and beverage products are readily available, as consumer interest and [...]

Matcha: A Top Searched Earthy Flavor

The powdered green tea, matcha, is sought out for its earthiness, as well as the many nutrients it offers. In addition to being rich in the amino acid L-theanine which is associated with [...]

Challenges to Delivering Tasty, Healthy Products

Food scientists face many challenges. From the undesirable flavors and textures of plant proteins, which can vary from batch to batch, to chalky textures and creating hot functional products with [...]

Fiber, probiotics add functional benefits to beverages

The Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights reports that 19 percent of functional drinks launched in 2017 had a digestive/gut health claim. “This is a statistic we expect to grow,” says Ilana [...]

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