7 of the hottest trends in coffee right now

Edible Coffee A new category has emerged for consumers who would prefer to eat their coffee. It can be enjoyed as an ice pop, shared like a chocolate candy bar, and is also available as a gummy [...]

Clarifying Certification and Claims for Clean Label

It’s now commonplace for multiple certifications and claims to adorn a single food or beverage product, especially within natural and clean-label product categories. I was recently asked to [...]

7 Hot Food Movements To Inspire Your Next Product Launch

The DIY Gourmet Chef: From a make-your-own-cold-brew coffee kit to fermenting tea or vegetables on a kitchen counter, to meal prep kits, consumers demand ownership of their food preparation. [...]

Suppliers utilize cost-effective vanilla ingredient solutions

Christopher Smith, vice president of vanilla products at Virginia Dare, Brooklyn, N.Y., highlights vanilla’s versatility with countless flavor profiles. “Vanilla pairs well with everything, so [...]

‘No’, ‘never’ – defining clean label, a $180bn opportunity

At the end of last year, I remember reading that clean label was the trend of the year. Considering the amount of time I have spent learning from colleagues, industry professionals and brand [...]

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