4 Key Areas that Drive Beverage Innovation

Beverages are an exceptional platform for innovation because they are the ideal vehicle to leverage some of today’s most important macro trends, such as health-consciousness, clean-label, [...]

Why LaCroix sparkling water is suddenly everywhere

For the first few decades that LaCroix sparkling water existed, the Midwestern moms who drank it had it all to themselves. Long before the girls wearing “LaCroixs Over Boys” T-shirts [...]

Functional Ingredients

10 Tips for Developing Beverages With Protein

Justin Cline, senior scientist with Imbibe, a technical beverage development company, shares his top 10 list for creating the ideal protein beverage. Be sure to understand and clarify the [...]

Top influencers on the consumer experience in foodservice

2015 was a monumental year for the foodservice industry in the US. It was the first time ever that Americans spent more on dining out than on groceries. Foodservice has gone through several [...]

7 of the hottest trends in snacking right now

    Ancient Grains: Grains like spelt, kamut, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, teff and chia (technically a seed) are found in less traditional formats. Their nutritional impact ranges from [...]