Bioengineered Ingredients will have New Labeling Requirements Come 2022

Starting in January 2022, brands will not be able to include a non-GMO claim and instead will be required to follow disclosure standards for bioengineered foods (aka GMOs). The rule was [...]

Preparing for GMO labeling in 2022

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living entities with deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that has been artificially manipulated. This allows for the creation of plants, animals and [...]

New Labeling Requirements for Bioengineered Ingredients Mandatory in 2022

There’s a big change coming to the food and beverage industry regarding claims about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Starting in January 2022, brands will not be able to include a non-GMO [...]

Ready to Go Non-GMO

Clean label is a term we hear a lot in the food and beverage industry. We know it’s a consumer value, however, its definition is a moving target because it’s based on consumer perception and [...]

Clarifying Certification and Claims for Clean Label

It’s now commonplace for multiple certifications and claims to adorn a single food or beverage product, especially within natural and clean-label product categories. I was recently asked to [...]

Helping Brand Owners Go Organic

Niles, IL – Organic certification is becoming a new standard within the natural products industry. To help brand owners stay on trend, Imbibe is now offering organic certified flavors and [...]