Matcha: A Top Searched Earthy Flavor

The powdered green tea, matcha, is sought out for its earthiness, as well as the many nutrients it offers. In addition to being rich in the amino acid L-theanine which is associated with [...]

Imbibe and Ganeden Join Forces to Predict Top 3 Trending Ingredients of 2017

Some of the most impactful mega trends of the food and beverage industry include convenience, having some kind of “health halo,” and products with a functional claim. These trends are propelling [...]

Naturally functional beverages are poised for growth

Natural function, an extremely relevant theme in the food and beverage industry, has no clear definition. Perhaps not surprisingly, the FDA also doesn’t define “natural” or “functional food”, but [...]

Slideshow: Beverage innovation blurring category lines

CHICAGO — Carbonated soft drinks, juice and milk are losing share to smaller, trending beverages, including ready-to-drink coffee, sparkling bottled water and non-dairy milk, according to a new [...]