Balancing the Bar with the rise of Teetotalers

There are a myriad of better-for-you alcoholic options presently available at happy hours. A few examples: spiked seltzer, low-cal, perfectly portioned wine or spirit based cocktails, hard [...]

From Lavender Lattes to Cold Brew Tea: Trendspotting in RTD Tea and Coffee

Plant-based milks and floral flavors look to set grow their place in the RTD coffee category; while RTD tea is taking a leaf out of the coffee book with cold brew and nitro launches. We take a [...]

Trending Flavors in Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages make up more than half of the revenue generated by beverages in the U.S. While beer still has the market share in the alcoholic beverage segment (with 47%), spirits sales grew [...]

7 of the hottest trends in coffee right now

Edible Coffee A new category has emerged for consumers who would prefer to eat their coffee. It can be enjoyed as an ice pop, shared like a chocolate candy bar, and is also available as a gummy [...]