Imbibe on 2022 Sports Drink Trends: Label Claims, Cognitive Health, and More

As more consumers adopt sports nutrition beverages as part of an active lifestyle, consumer preferences are diversifying. Today, the term sports drink has come to mean many things. As this [...]

Consumers have cognitive health on the mind

Individuals are challenged daily to balance work, home and recreation, which is why it’s normal to feel distracted, unmotivated or too tired to concentrate at times. Many consumers wish to [...]

Cognitive health, energy ingredients drive usage upswing

The brain game Second to heart disease, cognition issues are top of mind among U.S. adults. Citing data from the Natural Marketing Institute, Holly McHugh, marketing associate for Niles, [...]

Branding for Cognitive Health: A Benefit in High Demand

In a recent survey by Beverage Industry magazine, industry professionals reported that cognitive health was a hot beverage trend in 2016, with 66% of consumers putting as much importance on a [...]