Top 5 Tips for Developing Beverages Fortified with Protein

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Protein Beverage Development

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Earlier this year, I attended an Imbibe seminar on developing protein beverages. The speaker, Senior Beverage Scientist Justin Cline, presented some of the challenges and tactical solutions that developers face when formulating with protein.

Advancements in protein research, blends, alternative sources and flavor maskers have allowed beverages that include upwards of 40 g of protein to be more palatable than ever before. Although I am not a scientist, and admittedly have a limited technical background, I was still able to learn some fundamental principles of developing protein beverages. I am sharing some of my biggest takeaways with you in the hope that these recommendations will help you avoid, or at least overcome, obstacles during your next protein beverage project.

  1. Work backwards. Or rather, understand the plant processing capabilities BEFORE starting development. Developing a product on the bench, only to discover that the processing capabilities of the production facility can’t be replicated in the way that you would expect, will result in wasted time and money.

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