Imbibe Looks at Beverage Sweetening Solutions

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Finding the sweet spot for taste, texture and nutritional profile is a challenge for beverage brands because consumer sentiments about desired product attributes are changing faster than ever.

Brands have to make quick decisions about what types of products to develop and what tactics they want to use to maintain the sweetness levels that consumers expect. There are many ways brands can achieve sweetness and market their approach to consumers.

Here are some of the ways brands are adding sweetness.

Sugar by a Different Name

Taste is king when it comes to consumer product preferences and they are accustomed to the sweetness profile of sugar. According to Innova Market Insights, many consumers are okay with a little sugar in their products if it improves palatability, even if they are trying to reduce their sugar intake overall. Some brands overcome the stigma of using added sugars by calling out the source of the sugar for transparency and clean label purposes.

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