The Next Aces with Plant Bases

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Inspired by our recent participation in Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network’s virtual innovation session on plant-based food and beverage, we compiled a list of some non-animal (mostly plant-based) innovators to help ensure you’re in the know of some of the most compelling upstarts and leaders in both the finished product and ingredient space. Email us at if you’re curious as to why these are on our radar or if you’re interested in working together to create the next ace in plant-based.

  1. Moku Foods
  2. Akua
  3. NotCo
  4. Air Protein
  5. Good Mylk Co.
  6. Brave Robot
  7. Modest Mylk
  8. Joi
  9. UFO (Udder Free Only)
  10. Juicy Marbles

If you still can’t get enough, check out our panel discussion for even more brands and insights on plant-based product development.

Brave Robot
Juicy Marbles