Creating Consumer FOMO: Ideas for your Next Spring or Summer LTO

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Living in an era where posts across platforms have increasingly shorter shelf-lives (thus contributing to shorter attention spans) necessitates even more creativity when innovating and attempting to capture (and retain) consumer attention.

While some may argue that the only constant is change, there has been at least one tried and true method that when thoughtfully executed can yield a spike in sales and increase customer engagement (perhaps because their introduction represents a change, even if it’s relatively short lived.) There are several theories as to why Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) resonate with consumers, but there’s a topical acronym that comes to mind: FOMO.

Reasons LTOs have withstood the test of time and remain relevant could be that they signify belonging to a certain echelon of society or a tribe with shared values. Another could be that they facilitate engagement via social media influence. Sure, sometimes it’s also about being an early adopter to a trend or fad and sharing your opinions on the latest and greatest, but there’s something sexy surrounding exclusivity (even if the in-group spans hundreds of thousands of users across the globe).

Part of the human condition is wanting to belong to a group and be included in a shared experience. Communal events, milestones, holidays and seasons may influence timing and taste profile of LTOs and hold the power to incite feelings of comfort and nostalgia across demographics.

Our work in the lab developing beverages and designing flavors combined with engaging with other industry professionals has given us insight into flavors that are timeless and that reinforce a particular time of year. For those of you already thinking about spring and summer, here are some flavors and market references to keep in mind as you strategize on how to surprise and delight your customers:

Consumers reported the following flavors are most heavily associated with Spring:

  • Most popular*: Avocado, Green Tea (Matcha), Pistachio
  • Popular, but among a smaller consumer set*: blueberry, carrot, coconut, guava, melon, peach


Consumers reported the following flavors are most heavily associated with Summer:

  • Most popular**: Watermelon
  • Popular, but among a smaller consumer set: Lemon**, Kiwi**,  Sweet Tea**, Fruit Punch**Strawberry*, Rosé*, Coconut* and Pineapple*


Have a beverage concept you want to test? We’re here to partner with you in the launch of your next LTO – retail or foodservice. Email us at to start defining your product.


*FB poll, **2018 commissioned consumer survey