#Trendspotting: San Francisco

Better-For-You Cocktails

We’ve seen better-for-you versions of products that don’t typically fall in the health foods category like energy drinks made with naturally energizing ingredients and ice cream with hidden [...]

Creating Effective Global Flavors at Flavorcon Day 2

Ilana Orlofsky’s presentation, “The Most Disruptive Beverages You Should Know About,” highlighted popular ingredients in beverages and popular flavor trends.  Starting with [...]

From Lavender Lattes to Cold Brew Tea: Trendspotting in RTD Tea and Coffee

Plant-based milks and floral flavors look to set grow their place in the RTD coffee category; while RTD tea is taking a leaf out of the coffee book with cold brew and nitro launches. We take a [...]

Curcumin Spicing Up Food and Beverage

Many supermarket aisles include products with turmeric on their ingredient statements. Turmeric has been used as a natural coloring agent for some time in the food and beverage industry, but with [...]