7 of the hottest trends in coffee right now

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Image courtesy of Nootrobox

Edible Coffee

A new category has emerged for consumers who would prefer to eat their coffee. It can be enjoyed as an ice pop, shared like a chocolate candy bar, and is also available as a gummy cube.

Market Examples: Brewla Ice Pops, Coffee Thins, Go Cubes, Seattle Chocolates Arabica Cherry Espresso Bar

Cold-Brew 2.0

This extraction method yields a less acidic, slightly sweeter brew and saw 115% growth in 2015. It’s in foodservice and RTDs, and is being blended with chocolate and almond milks. The next wave also includes DIY cold-brew home kits.

Market Examples: Dunkin Donuts, Hi-ball,Chameleon Cold Brew, Uncommon Coffee Roasters, Grady’s Brew it Yourself Pouch


Sometimes called nitrogen infused, this cold brew coffee and nitrogen gas combo results in a coffee that looks like a dark stout, but mimics the taste of a slightly sweet iced coffee. Taps are being added to coffee shops, and more nitro-brewed coffee will soon be available as RTDs.

Market Examples: Califia Farms Nitro Draft Cold Brew, Starbucks Nitro Cold BrewStumptown Coffee Roasters, Cuvee Coffee Black and Blue

Protein Coffee

This nutrient adds value beyond the inherent energy jolt of coffee. Coffee fortified with protein is now available in a variety of beverages that blur the category lines.

Market Examples: BuzzFit, Reflex Nutrition,Orgain Organic Cold Brew Protein Coffee,Chike Iced Coffee, Rawpothecary, Click

Full-Fat Coffee

Fats are making a comeback into some diets. Available as DIY drink kits and RTDs, butter and coconut oil-infused coffee is taking off as a way to maintain fitness and cognitive function.

Market Examples: Grass Fed CoffeeBulletproof Coffee, Coffee Blocks

Carbonated Coffee

Sparkling coffee offers a new twist on flavor and texture for consumers. Currently offered in the forms of espresso and cold brew, these carbonated varieties are blending the categories of CSDs and coffee.

Market Examples: Coffer, Proper SodaFrizz CoffeeCafé Racer

Dessert Coffee

Indulgent coffee beverages continue to see major market penetration. The flavor profiles and textural components have become more sophisticated as consumers seek out more complex coffee. This trend is illustrated in both RTDs and new menu items that include flavors like sea salt caramel, caramel waffle cone and vanilla sweet cream.

Market Examples: Dunkin Donuts Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolata, Caribou Chocolate Mocha Iced Coffee, KonaRed Hawaiian Vanilla, Bo’s Coffee Froccino Coffee Jelly, Milk and Honey Affogato

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