#Trendspotting: Plant-based

November 2017 Trendspotting Plant Based from Imbibe on Vimeo. Alternative Milks   Packaged Facts predicts that the dairy and dairy alternative beverage market will reach $28 billion by 2021. [...]

Ingredients to Watch: The Future of Function

There’s been a lot of buzz in the beverage industry around the “F” word the last few years. By this, of course, I mean function. Inherently beneficial ingredients, as opposed to ones used for [...]

Expo East Trend Recap

The Natural Products Expo East wrapped up last week, and we had the opportunity to tour the show floor and check out the latest innovations in natural and organic foods and beverages. These are [...]

Ten Steps for Developing a Protein Beverage

Protein beverages are one of the hottest trends in the beverage industry. Watch our latest video for tips on developing one of these in demand beverages. Ten Steps for Making a Protein Beverage [...]

#Trendspotting Chicago Edition

  TEA We visited the Kombucha Room in Logan Square and chose a flight with very dynamic flavor profiles, including Mango Chili, Watermelon Agua Fresca, Blackberry Cucumber Basil, Strawberry [...]

The Latest Innovations in Plant-Based Products

One of the food and beverage categories that is experiencing the largest growth right now is plant-based products; it’s actually experiencing growth at a faster rate than the food and beverage [...]

7 of the hottest trends in snacking right now

    Ancient Grains: Grains like spelt, kamut, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, teff and chia (technically a seed) are found in less traditional formats. Their nutritional impact ranges from [...]

7 of the hottest trends in functional food and beverage right now

Probiotics: The trend started in yogurt and kefir but has extended into food, beverage, and even condiments. Dairy, chocolate and sugar are now fortified with probiotics. Market examples: Sugar [...]

7 of the hottest trends in Natural Products right now

Veg-Centric  Both restaurants and retailers are highlighting veggies – whether they’re being pickled, fermented, smoked or fried they’re being used from their root to their stem. New beverages [...]

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