Imbibe’s Marketing Manager Ilana Orlofsky will be presenting on trends within the functional beverage market at Perfumer & Flavorist Flavorcon. The session entitled “Wet Your Whistle,” will [...]

Less is More: Sugar Reduction, Less Sodium & Low-FODMAPS in Food, Beverage

Consumers have become slightly obsessed with the “less is more” philosophy. Within the food and beverage industry, we see a demand for smaller portions—consumers are willing to pay the same [...]

Imbibe to break down clean-label trends in upcoming webinar

Products with clean-label formulations have gone from a trend to a standard. While there is no FDA definition of clean-label, consumers and brands are embracing products with simple, easy-to-read [...]

Reformulate, Rebrand: Companies Respond to Demand for Sugar Reduction

FDA’s mandate that requires the amount of added sugar to be stated on the Nutrition Facts panel will go into effect in July 2018. This change is top of mind for many brand owners who will try to [...]

Sugar-reduction efforts pick up steam ahead of update to Nutrition Facts panel

Food and beverage brands of all sizes and across categories are scrambling to reduce sugar in their products before FDA regulations mandating they indicate added and total sugar on the Nutrition [...]

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