7 trends in smoothies right now

In a bowl – Smoothie bowls offer an alternate way to incorporate superfoods than the traditional drinkable method. They are often thicker, include ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, [...]

High Protein Coffee Coincides with Functional Beverage Trend

Your morning coffee may start packing a bigger punch. In a recent article written by Carolyn Henegan for Fooddive.com, it was reported that High Brew Coffee recently debuted a cappuccino that has [...]

Hottest Food Movements Influencing New Product Launches

Social media and web-based forums provide consumers with an incredible platform to learn, communicate, and share their food preferences online. Many consumers gain exposure to food trends and [...]

Flavor Wheel

This is one representation of the vocabulary that our flavor chemists and product developers have when working on beverage formulations, beverage flavors and beverage development. Words like [...]

Imbibe releases seven trends in coffee

Now that fall is here, it’s getting cooler outside, and I have been enjoying a wide variety of hot beverages, including apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. Yet, coffee remains my go-to [...]

How to Build a Lime Rickey

A rickey is a cocktail usually made with a bourbon or gin base, carbonated water, and often a bit of lime juice – at least when you’re making it at home. When developing for a brand [...]